case study for a branded hotel in the united states
Google ads

This Google Ads case study demonstrates how Google Ads was used to effectively boost hotel bookings across contract periods while achieving lower costs to maximize return on ad spend.

Project Overview

This case study is for a Hotel company that wanted to drive bookings for their Branded Hotel in the United States. Before working with us, this company had tested Google Ads but had not seen any success.

Here’s what we did for this client:

  • We complete all infrastructure setups. Like, as Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking, Facebook Pixel, Conversion linker and etc.
  • Did keywords research for Search/PPC Campaigns
  • Wrote SEO-friendly ad copies for different campaigns
  • Use UTM builder URL and much more for the best results!
  • Finally, we built 3 different campaigns
  1. We run Search Campaign(PPC) using Branded Keywords
  2. Another Search Campaign(PPC) using Non-Branded, Demand Generator, Accommodations, etc keywords
  3. Also, run Google Display Campaign using Remarketing Audience(Previous site visitors) and using audience segments like in-market and affinity audience.

The Results:

In the first month(July 2022), we only generated 9 bookings and the cost per lead was around $100. This was not a great start, we noticed indications of vitality and were aware of the substantial potential for enhancement in targeting, advertisements, and landing pages.

google case study image

In the second month(August 2022), we only generated 26 bookings and the cost per lead was around $38.46.

google case study image 2

In the 3rd month(Sept 2022), we only generated 53 bookings and the cost per lead was around $18.66.

google case study image 3

In October 2022, we only generated 52 bookings and the cost per lead was around $19.23.

google case study image 4

Our campaign is still ongoing.

google case study image 5

For this client, we saw success right away. The snapshots above highlight the following key achievements in comparison to the previous period: –

  • Clicks grew by 65%
  • CTR improved by 70%
  • Impression grew by 45%
  • Conversions grew by 200%
  • Conversion rate improved by 70%
  • Average Cost decreased by 25%
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