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We develop websites according to your need and even more. From wireframe to custom integrations we ensure every step is done accurately.

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Website Development Process

Razib Marketing follows a standard website development process whenever a new client comes to us. Our process covers all aspects of the website from information gathering to launching. we can simplify these steps into 3 parts.

website development research


Research before development is a crucial part that must not to ignored. Razib Marketing thoroughly researches every client's business to find out facts and information that can bring customers.

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Your website is the face of your business. Razib Marketing Builds fast and accessible and highly optimized website, so that customers have a great user experience while interacting with your website.

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Razib Marketing evaluates website security, UI, & Responsiveness. tests all the forms, accessibility compliance, 3rd party Integrations before launching. We ensure your website is flawless and ready to use.

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Speed of the thunderbold

There is nothing more irritating than visiting a slow-loading website. You shouldn’t be the website owner. Let Razib Marketing make your website fast. Our speed optimization features are:


No bug Allowed!

Bug in a website is the worst nightmare for a developer and an embarrassment for a website owner. To keep you safe from such a situation, Razib Marketing offers a bug fixing service for your website.
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ADA Compliance

No more ADA Lawsuits!

It is necessary for every public-facing website to be ADA compliant in the US. A website having an accessibility issue is vulnerable to ADA lawsuits which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Razib Marketing is here to ensure your website is accessible to everyone.


Reliable managed web hosting

Hosting a website and maintaining the server is very time-consuming work. We don’t want you to spend your time here, rather do something more important and Razib marketing will take care of the website hosting for you.
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People Often Asks Us

Please contact us with your requirements and also send us the current website, so that we can analyze the website and list out scopes and suggestions.

It is a legal duty to make your website ADA compliant. Otherwise, you are not only excluding disabled people from your website but also getting yourself into the risk of a high cost lawsuit.

It depends on the nature of the bug and the complexity, Generally it does not take more than 2 days.

We will require you to grant us the “Admin” access to your website if it’s on WordPress, Or the “Backend Access” for other CMS.

Razib Marketing Has it’s own VPS in the US, which consist of 3GB RAM,  3 CPU Core and SSD Hard disk.

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