case study for a branded hotel in the united states
Facebook ads

This Facebook Ads case study demonstrates how FB Ads were used to effectively boost hotel bookings across contract periods while achieving lower costs to maximize return on ad spend.

Project Overview

This case study is for a Hotel company that wanted to drive bookings for their Branded Hotel in the United States. Before working with us, this company had tested FB Ads but had not seen any success.

Here’s what we did for this client:

  • We complete all infrastructure setups. Like, as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, GTM, Conversions, etc.
  • Wrote headlines and descriptions for different campaigns
  • Use UTM builder URL and much more for the best results!
  • Finally, we built 2 different campaigns
    1. Prospecting Audience ( Demographic and Interesting Targeting) with Website Traffic Object.
    2. Remarketing to previous site visitors(90 days) and page engagement with Conversion Objective.
  • Within the campaigns, we used 2 ad formats: Video, Image

The Results:

Our goal was, traffic will visit our website and book our hotel room or click on Phone Number to make a call.  In the first month, we only generated a few bookings and phone calls. This was not a great start for us, but we saw signs of life and we knew there was a lot of room to improve across the targeting, ads, and landing pages.

After doing many optimizing, till now we got 2,175 bookings and phone calls, and the cost per result had dropped down to $1.34!

Facebook Ads Case Study Image
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